Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve

Sometimes life gets a little hectic and you forget to wind down and do thinks that you love. Work/school gets busy, chores pile up, overwhelming situations... Life happens! Personally, most of my time is devoted to work and the rest of the time I don't always set aside for "me time." I find that finding … Continue reading Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve


One Sweater, Two Ways

After a long break from blogging, it feels great to finally get back into the swing of things. And it feels right to be starting back up with a fashion post, one of my favs!! My style always depends on how I'm feeling. Some days I am super casual, and other days I have an … Continue reading One Sweater, Two Ways

Life Update

Getting the Keys After two rough weeks, my two friends and I finally found an apartment in Los Angeles! We have been living in there for the past week with very minimal furniture, clothing, food, etc. This particular apartment was one that we immediately fell in love with, and we were SO excited when we … Continue reading Life Update