Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve

Sometimes life gets a little hectic and you forget to wind down and do thinks that you love. Work/school gets busy, chores pile up, overwhelming situations… Life happens! Personally, most of my time is devoted to work and the rest of the time I don’t always set aside for “me time.” I find that finding “me time” gives me piece of mind after a crazy day/week. And when I am able to, I love to set aside time for exploring, travel, and adventure. I find that I am my absolute happiest when I am exploring and learning.

The other week I did just that: planned a day to venture out of Los Angeles and see the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve for my own eyes. I have been hearing that since there was so much rain fall this year (more than normal) that poppy flowers and wildflowers have been blooming like crazy. I was fascinated with the idea of seeing fields of flowers in bloom, so I just had to make a trip. And I’m so glad I did, this will forever be one of my favorite memories.


The Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve is a natural state reserve. There are fields of poppy flowers and wildflowers that are typically in bloom from February through May. With eight miles of trails, it’s a great area to take the day to explore. Get out of the city, get into the country side, and breathe a little. And if you plan on visiting, go prepared! Bring sunscreen, walking/hiking shoes, and lots and lots of water. (I forgot my sunscreen and my back turned into a tomato!!)

Since I live in the city, I sometimes forget to appreciate the little things like grass, flowers, trees, etc. But there at the reserve, natures’ beauty was surrounding me. Beautiful flowers, intriguing hills/mountains, and country roads that seem to go on for days.

This experience I will always hold close to. I had a moment of pure bliss. Pure happiness. The feeling where you are completely content with where you are. And in that moment, everything becomes calm.


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