First Week in Los Angeles

Success. Set backs. And lots of learning.

My first full week in Los Angeles has been a whirl wind to say the least. From traveling all around the city, to touring apartments, to going through new experiences.. I can hardly believe a week has already gone by.

Before coming out to the west coast, my two friends and I did not have an apartment or job lined up. Although that is very nerve wracking, we decided to hit the ground running and go for it. The way I see it.. all the magic happens outside of your own comfort zone. So after saving up and preparing, there really is only so much you can prepare for before you just have to do the damn thing.

Apartment hunting from across the country was a complete headache. It was near to impossible to find a legitimate place that would allow us to sign a lease 3,000 miles away. And I don’t blame them, on their end it could be very sketchy. But now that we are out here searching, although it is a bit easier, it is also harder in some ways. As for jobs, the way I see it is, you have to start somewhere. No matter the experience, background, etc, sometimes a job is a job. And that is what I keep reminding myself as I continue to apply to places. Your ideal job doesn’t just create itself over night, and that is what I have learned throughout the past couple years. My ‘ideal’ career could morph into something new through different life experiences. So for me, expecting my perfect job to pop up out of nowhere, isn’t exactly realistic… until I put the work it and make it happen.

And the city itself… I am slowly but surely falling in love. With the weather, the people, the cultures, the vibes, everything. I feel like every day is a new adventure because there is just so much to see, and so many different people to learn from. I have met so many people with different backgrounds whether they were a waitress, lyft driver, or a worker at the local donut shop.. They all came to this city for different things. And that’s what I love most about this city, people from all over come here to create their own reality simply because they believe it can happen.

Through the struggles and the lessons, I know what is meant to happen, will. I am so entirely happy to be here and to create the reality that I want. I just think to myself, wow, I am here, and I have come this far. My past motivates me to keep going, and never stop. And physically being here in Los Angeles just fills me with inspiration.

If you never try then you'll never know... -Coldplay

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