Wheels Up to California

Through all of the goodbyes and packing, I am a big ball of mush. I am grateful, excited, scared, happy, inspired, nervous, but most of all, thankful. Tomorrow, January 23rd I am moving from my tiny town outside of Philadelphia, PA to the big city of Los Angeles, California. I am almost in disbelief, but I am so ready. The amount of support I have received near and far has given me the courage to get out there and live my dreams.

Growing up I remember hearing ‘you’re going to go far,’ and ‘you’re going to do big things.’ And when I think about it now, California is about 3,000 miles away from Pennsylvania and moving there is pretty dang big for me! I have always been a girl of big dreams, and never really knowing how to get there. Until a little over a year ago. After living in Ecuador for 10 months, PA didn’t feel exactly like home anymore (although it always will be.) I was longing for something different and something that I have always wanted, but never knew how to do it. After conversing with a few friends one day, we realized that many of our dreams were similarly having to do with the west coast, Los Angeles in particular. One thing lead to another… and here we are. I am so thankful to be making this all happen with two of my greatest friends who inspire me every day. I really couldn’t imagine any time being better than right now. I am ready to experience it all. I am ready to hustle. I am ready for the challenges. I am ready to continue to learn and grow. I am ready to spread positivity. And I am ready for the adventure!

This experience proves to me that you can do ANYTHING you put your mind to… And no dream is too far out of reach. With hard work and determination, you truly have the power to make your dreams become reality.

As for blog updates, I am going to try my best to keep Now And Then With Jen flowing as I transition into a new environment. I have so many ideas and I hope that I will get even more inspiration as I relocate. Thank you all for all of your kind words and support!



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