New Year, New Hair

Happy Friday!! With the new year in full swing, I decided to, for a lack of better words, say YOLO and switch up my hair. A couple years ago I was always a girl with long golden-blonde hair and now, it is completely different. So if you told me 5 years ago that I would beach and cut my hair like this, I probably wouldn’t believe you. But it truly is my favorite style I have ever tried out so far. I mean really, why not try something new? It’s just hair after all!

My hair dresser at Tangles Styling Salon in Boyertown, PA always encourages me to go outside my comfort zone and not once have I hated it. She knew that my hair is naturally very light and takes bleach very well, without looking fried or unhealthy. So she said why not try the whole silver trend out? After bleaching my hair, she used a purple/blue toner to then lock in that silver effect. With using a color-treated shampoo in the color purple once a week, it will combat my natural golden/yellow tone that likes to peek through. And then the silver will eventually wash out leaving that platinum blonde color.

I think this trend is super funky and I figured there was no harm in trying, even if I do look like a silver fox (lol.) What are some hair trends that you would like to try out?


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