Discover the Ben Franklin Bridge

Philadelphia is hands down one of my favorite cities. Since I grew up in the suburbs about an hour away, it also feels like home to me. There is just something about all of the history, the people, the food, and the area that gives the city its unique character. I have visited the city countless times and each time I try to find something different to do. Whether that means going to a new restaurant or exploring a different part of the city, I am always discovering new things to dive into. So one day when my friend came up with the idea of walking the Ben Franklin Bridge, I HAD to say yes. I was all for it, and was honestly surprised that this is something I had never done before!

The Ben Franklin Bridge is a major suspension bridge across the Delaware River that connects point A- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to point B- Camden, New Jersey. So whether you are transporting by car, bus, train, bike, or even by foot, this bridge will get you where you need to go. You know, so you don’t have to swim across the Delaware. And luckily, if you just want to take a stroll by foot to the middle and back into Philly like I did, it’s free!

Although I went on a frigid winter day, it was completely worth it. I am a complete sucker for city skylines and the views from the BF bridge are like no other, especially as the sun goes down. The city grows quiet, the cars under your feet grow louder, and the river rolls on by. This destination is definitely one of my top places to visit when you are in Philadelphia, PA!

Learn more history of the Ben Franklin Bridge by clicking here


If you do visit the Ben Franklin Bridge, just like any bridge, please be SAFE. It is important to discover this area safely, just as much as it is to enjoy it!


4 thoughts on “Discover the Ben Franklin Bridge

  1. A Hearty Nomad says:

    That was quite a bit of a walk hey. I have been to Philly once and I loved it! Would you do it again? We have a long suspension bridge aswell In Hamburg would never think to walk over it. Every now and then we have this marathon maybe I should participate.

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