Winter Madness

Some days I love winter because of all of the festivities. Some days I absolutely despise winter because of the weather. I am definitely a person who has a love/hate relationship with this time of year, and winter madness is what I like to call it.

I have lived in Pennsylvania 19 out of my 20 years on earth and so a traditional snowy and chilling winter is all I ever knew… until I lived in Quito, Ecuador. Quito has a mediterranean spring-like climate with dry summers and mild winters. With reaching roughly 70 degrees during the day and dropping to 50 degrees at night on a daily basis, I absolutely loved it. Sure there were times that I missed the brisk nights of fall, rolling in the autumn leaves, and the first snow fall of the season. But the second I thought of the cold weather, I was right back to loving the constant climate of Quito. I guess I was a bit spoiled with that weather because the year following that was one of the hardest years for me personally. As much as it had to do with internal struggles, I know that the winter weather played a huge part in my crappy attitude towards life. Last winter was the first time I got my own tiny taste of what seasonal depression feels like, and it was not nice. I was in a crappy mood and 99% of the time blamed it on winter (whether it was or was not to blame.)

It’s crazy to me how quickly that weather left an impression one me. As much as I have the same thoughts on winter this year that I did last year, I try to make those thoughts to not effect anyone around me who may love winter. Because although winter weather blows in my opinion, there are so so so many great things going on during this time to take advantage of, and be thankful for!

The holidays are right smack dab in the middle. I enjoy a good Christmas cookie (or ten.. a day.. because why the hell not,) jamming out to Christmas music, decorating, visiting the city during this time of year, enjoying time with friends and family, giving more than getting, and so many lovely things that come with the holidays.

As much as summer has many things available to do, so does winter! Ice skating, sledding, shoveling (oh yay,) holiday activities like visiting Santa… Those are some things you cannot do during any other time of year, and I think that is what makes winter special.

Winter fashion. Throw a faux fur jacket on my body, wrap me up in a blanket scarf, and call me a happy woman. Winter fashion has always inspired me because you see these bloggers  online and models in magazines showing totally chic and stylish jackets, sweaters, and boots looking ADORABLE until you realize.. damn, they must be absolutely freezing while doing that. Because the reality of winter is not cute, as much as I hate to admit it. The reality of winter is layering, wrapping, stuffing, and still being cold. But regardless, any fashionable winter styling effort I see is an automatic A in my book!

I think winter madness can be everything and anything; exciting, stressful, enjoyable, and at the same time terrible. The girl who is about to move to the west coast is ready for some sunshine. But that same girl born and raised in the northeastern part of the USA believes that there is nothing like winter up north. It is, and will always be magical in some way. (Except when you have to shovel our your car and drive on icy roads to get to work, then it is in no way magical.) So for any of you reading this who absolutely dread winter whether it is because of the holidays or weather itself, just know that you are not alone. Take a breath, find something that makes you happy, and just go with it. Because you deserve to be happy, year round, every single day. ❤


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