The Little Things…

Sometimes it is so easy to take things for granted, no matter how thankful we are. Sometimes I wish I gave myself more time to do certain things. But then I have to remind myself that I cannot always be super woman and there are only 24 hours in each day. Sometimes I stop to appreciate the time I spend with my loved ones. Sometimes life just moves too fast before you can take a breathe.

Looking back I cannot believe that 2016 is almost over. I feel like that meme from Spongebob of Mr. Crabs freaking out… I am Mr. Crabs. In a little over the month I will be making a huge move, one across the country. I have been dreaming about it for so so long and now it is so close. It freaks me out, but I am very thankful and blessed.

Today I came home from work after a bit of a hectic day and had to stop myself from feeling like I’m not doing enough. I looked around, and everything seemed so peaceful. It’s funny actually, my brain was a complete tornado and yet I was surrounded by peace and lots of love. My parents had the fire going. My dad cracked a joke (seriously going to miss those.) Leftovers from dinner were in the fridge for me. It was like my home was giving me a huge hug telling me that everything is going to be fine, and to take it all in.

It’s the small things that make life so crazy and awesome at the same time. Sometimes they make the biggest difference. If you haven’t already today, take a step back from what you are worried about. Look around, and take it all in.


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