The Power of Makeup

Growing up I would constantly have people make comments about my skin. Saying “she’s ugly without make up” or “why is your face so red” or “you should cover up your acne.” I wanted to do anything to stop those comments because honestly, they hurt and resulted in forming many insecurities. By learning about makeup and the cosmetic world as a whole I was able to embrace my beauty and actually see the power of makeup.

Ever since I was little I loved anything ‘girly,’ especially makeup. So when I was going through this transition of learning about makeup and feeling insecure about my skin, it was also a time where I channeled my inner creativity and desire to learn. My skin is naturally very sensitive and also acne prone, it has been that way my entire life and it’s something that will probably never change. However what I learned to change was the products I use on my face. I try to use skincare that does not irritate my skin, and makeup that compliments my skin color, eye color, and face shape.

I especially have my best friend Emily to thank for the knowledge she has shared with me. She has taught me SO much about makeup/skincare and she continues to inspire me as she furthers her career as a makeup artist. In this post she she completely transformed my bare face into a fierce bonze-y one. She wanted to give Kim Kardashian vibes with the brown, bronze, and gold on my eyes. I am SO impressed with this transformation because she was able to work with my pale, uneven skin while also covering my acne breakouts. At the end of the day I was dreading to wash the makeup off because I loved it so much! Whether it is prom, bridal, pageant, or casual makeup sessions, she does it all. Her talent and creativity never cease to amaze me. You rock, Em!!

Although my skin will never be “perfect,” I am slightly embarrassed that I ever let those nasty comments hurt me. But I am not embarrassed of how I look, because those flaws are what make me human and I am not at all ashamed of that now. Makeup has not only opened a whole new world of creativity, but it has also helped me learn how to gain back the confidence that those judgmental people took from me along the years. Now those comments are nothing but little memories, and I love my skin! Do not let ANYONE try to tear you down and make you feel bad for who you are, no one should ever feel embarrassed for the way they look. Whether you slay with a full face of makeup or rock a totally natural look, do what makes you feel beautiful!

Any serious inquiries in the Philadelphia area, contact Emily here:

(Her website will be coming soon, so stay tuned!!!)







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