How I Made an Extra $100 in 2 Days

With being a young adult trying to get her life together, preparing to move across the country, and Christmas right around the corner, I always have my eyes open for different ways to earn some extra bucks! So when I came across the idea of reselling my items, I was very interested. And if you’re like me, you have A LOT of stuff: clothing, books, jewelry, shoes, etc… And you like having stuff (does that make me a hoarder? oh boy..) However not everything you have is practical or being used! The sooner you realize that it is time to get rid of those things, the better. Here is what I did to earn an extra $100 in two days.

First, I spent an entire night completely purging my closet. I looked for items that still had value or wear left in them, and then ones that were coming to the end of their lives. From there I had two piles: one to take to consignment shops, and one to donate to a local thrift shop or clothing drive. I then took my ‘new’ clothing pile to the closest Plato’s Closet. If you are not familiar with Plato’s, it is a franchise consignment shop for trendy and younger clothing. You can always find some awesome things in there, and they have locations all over the country. They do not always take items depending on their stock and needs, but I got lucky this visit. They took an assortment of my items: clothing, shoes, bags, scarves, and jewelry. I walked out of there with $68.93 in my pocket. CHA-CHING.

From there I was on an earning high. I went home and researched even more local consignment shops and found many that I didn’t even know about! The next day I decided to go to a small one that had a very funky and vintage style, I thought some of my items could fit nicely. I loved the style of this shop especially because everything was it’s own little treasure. The owner sorted and reviewed the items from my large bag and ended up giving me $40.00 for a handful of stuff!

So there you have it. In two days I was able to earn a total of $108.93 by selling my gently used items to consignment shops. Not only am I cleaning out my space, but I am also passing my things off to another person who could put my things to good use or better use than I. As much as it is awesome to earn extra money, I also find donating very important. And that is why I had second pile, of things to give away to those who are in need. This method of making some cash fast is so simple and anyone can do it, check out your own closet and make it happen!

I also wrote a blog post on my 6 tips for a successful consigning trip, check it out here !


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