Technology Rocks… Right?

After a recent loss of almost everything on my iPhone for such a silly reason, I can’t help but wonder, does technology really help us as much as we think it does?

At night my phone decided to update without my approval. So I decided to try and ex out of it, in hopes that it would let me put off the update for a few minutes. That of course backfired. My phone ended up being frozen on the same screen for almost 24 hours until I could completely fix it. In order to fix it I had to plug my phone into my computer, download the upgrading software for my phone, and hope that it would upgrade and I would not have to restore it. But……. that did not work. I had to restore my phone back to its factory settings in order for it to then continue with the upgrade. To say the least, I was upset and furious. I never used iCloud before to back up any of the content on my phone because to me it was so confusing and did not seem necessary. But after losing basically everything off of my phone, I am definitely reconsidering my use of iCloud for the future.

So technology… It can be an awesome thing. It keeps us connected with each other and updated with what is going on around the world as well as down the street. But how many times are there situations like mine, where it backfires on us? These manmade/machine made objects wire us all together but how much can we rely on them? I try to think of when my parents and grew up, what was technology like back then? They of course did not have iPhones, or even cell phones. Their connection to others was through landlines and simply interacting in person. This generation has taken technology to the next level, and this world has evolved into something that could be mistaken as a robot. But as much as sometimes I dislike technology and its unreliability, here I am, typing on my laptop, about to post on my blog.

I guess the real question is… If technology were to completely stop and shut down tomorrow… What would we all do?


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