Mixing Knits

When the weather drops I always mix knits to ensure that I will not be a complete ice cube the entire day. So layering, mixing, and combining pieces keep me snug (and sane) during fall and winter! For me it can be a bit overwhelming while mixing knits because I want to be warm and also a little stylish. But I have found that it all depends on the type of pieces that I want to combine/wear together.

Lately I have been seeing cut off cowl neck/mock neck sweaters everywhere and I have to say, I am ALL for the trend. However, I don’t always know how to style them due to always being cold and living in a state where it is only getting colder from here on, until spring starts. So this is one way that I try to make it work: by throwing a thick chunky ‘grandma-looking’ cardigan over it. I love that these are two different types of knits that have similar ribbing which makes them flow together easily.

I have the cowl neck cut off tucked into a comfy pair of high-waisted jeans and then threw on some ankle booties. I sometimes wear this combo to give the illusion of looking taller than I actually am. (And the illusion of having longer legs, because hey why not.)

For jewelry I kept it simple; a watch and beaded bracelet combo that I am always wearing. (If there is such thing as a safety blanket for accessories, that’s what these two accessories are to me.) And then a long necklace to top off the outfit.

And there we have it: comfortably mixing knits, ready to pick some pumpkins or frolic through an apple orchard in a warm yet stylish way!



Outfit Details:

Cowl neck cut off- francesca’s

Chunky cardigan- H&M

Jeans- American Eagle Outfitters

Booties- Forever 21

Necklace- Mom’s Jewelry Box (thanks Ma!)

Beaded bracelet- With Good Intention

Watch- francesca’s


3 thoughts on “Mixing Knits

  1. eviemama says:

    Ooh, Mom’s Jewelry Box, love it! So proud of you. The content, arrangement and variety are perfectly you. I’ll be watching for a post that includes an article of clothing from Mama’s Closet! Keep up the stellar work!

    Liked by 1 person

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