Just Fall Things…

Apple picking, pumpkin picking, cider tasting, oh my!


This past weekend my mom and I visited a local apple orchard owned by Frecon Farms. With this orchard being about 15 minutes from where I live, I pretty much grew up visiting their retail store frequently and eating their apples, peaches, pumpkin butter, and other yummy goodies. But oddly enough, it took me 20 years to finally visit their orchard, where everything starts.

We went specifically for a very popular event that they hold Wednesday-Sunday during fall called  “Pick Your Own.” Here you are given a basket and can pick as many different apples that you want, then pay by the pound.  With all different types, colors, and shapes to pick, you can go into a bit of an apple frenzy.

They also offer food, apple cider, hand crafted hard cider, brick-style pizza, and pastries for sale. All of which they make themselves! So once you get tired of picking, you can refuel with some pumpkin spice cookies and a hard cider.. then go back to picking. And although it was quite busy, there was a great atmosphere. Everyone was enjoying their apples and other goodies from Frecon’s while spending time with friends and family.

This was a great activity to be completely surrounded by all things fall. It got me in the mood to carve pumpkins, go shopping for sweaters, drink a pumpkin spice latte, and go trick or treating. Oh and eat apples, LOTS of apples. My mom and I ended up with a huuuuuge bag of them. (We got a bit carried away with the apple picking!) We realized that we really have to plan to do something with half of them ASAP incase they don’t get eaten right away. So, my next mission is to make my first home made apple pie. Wish me luck!




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