Tokyo Japanese Restaurant Review

Calling all sushi lovers…

Tokyo is a Japanese Restaurant known for it’s captivating menu, friendly staff, and welcoming atmosphere. Their sushi rolls really take the cake and will leave you wanting more, even if you are stuffed. It is located in Skippack Village, Pennsylvania. Along this road there are many cute restaurants, shops, and cafes. What I love about this spot is that each restaurant is different and many cultures are represented: Japanese, Italian, Mexican, American. (And possibly more that I did not catch a glimpse of.)

It was only a couple years ago that I tried sushi for the first time, and from then on there was no looking back. For most of my life I was very skeptical of it because of hearing many stories of ‘bad sushi.’ It creeped me out for a while, but it was love at first California Roll. Although not everyone will love the taste or texture, I think it is definitely worth a try! I recommend trying a California Roll first (crab, avocado and cucumber.) Then once you find yourself craving it all the time, venture out to  try more intricate rolls.

Tokyo is a tucked away into the trees of Skippack Village and if you are not looking carefully you might even miss it. You have to enter a parking lot, cross over a bridge, and then walk on a raised pathway to the main door. I was very impressed with the appearance, the environment, and the atmosphere. Which are three things I definitely may close attention to when I am trying a new restaurant. The entire restaurant is raised from the ground by wooden beams and it almost gives you the feeling as though you are floating. There is indoor and outdoor seating, although the night I went it was far too hot to comfortably sit outside. The inside had a very sophisticated vibe with dim lighting, relaxing music, and decorated with items that represent Japanese culture. Sitting outside you also get a similar vibe because you are sitting on a deck with trees surrounding you while listening to calming water run into a small pond below the property. From inside out, it was very clean and organized.

The Service

I went with a friend of mine, and were the only ones at the restaurant at that time! We felt awkward for a moment but then after seeing how kind and welcoming the wait staff was, we quickly felt relaxed. Our waitress was very nice, answered any question that we had, and made sure everything was presented perfectly. The reviews I read online about this restaurant were all very similar to my experience (a great sign!) I even saw one that mentioned the owner/chef came over to their table to make sure everything tasted well.


They start off with a tiny starter, fried sweet potato slices. Yum. I have never had them fried like that before, but I would definitely have them again! I ordered a Philly Roll (avocado, Philadelphia cream cheese, salmon) and a Rainbow Roll (shrimp tempura, avocado, crab stick topped with three types of sashimi.) I figured I wo


Philadelphia Roll and Rainbow Roll

uld go with something that I typically get and then try a specialty roll for something new. I was very satisfied with what I ordered, and I was honestly stuffed by the time I was finished. When I eat sushi there are a couple things I look for: the temperature, the way it is presented, the color, and the texture. When I received my order the sushi was chilled, but not in a ‘I was in the refrigerator for hours until you ordered me’ way. The texture of the fish was not too mushy or too firm. All of the flavors blended very well together, as they should. I did notice that these sushi rolls were a little bit thicker than what I have eaten in the past, which then made me full much quicker. Each ingredient was colorful and vibrant, I knew what I was eating and it all looked  and tasted fresh. They did a fabulous job with the presentation; they used a sliced cucumber to hold up a leaf, and then placed my Rainbow Roll on top of it.  It was pleasing to the eye and also to the stomach.

The Prices

If you visit Tokyo then plan on spending $12-$30 depending on what you order. The regular sushi rolls are about $6 and the specialty rolls average at $14. They do offer other Japanese dishes, however they are not items that I ordered. Those dishes were considered entres and ranged from $22-$30.


Fabulous service, relaxing environment, and the food speaks for itself… so so yummy.


I really did not find any cons. The only thing that puzzled me, but I do not consider a con, is the weekday schedule. On Tuesday-Friday they are only open 4:30pm to 9:30pm. I am sure there is a reason why their hours are like that, but I did find it a little odd. (Seriously though, what if I am craving a Rainbow Roll at 1 in the afternoon?)

Bottom line?

If you’re a sushi junkie, you HAVE to check this place out. I personally would say it was some of the best I have ever eaten. Take your time checking out the menu, and don’t be afraid to try something new.


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