The Start of Something New…

First and foremost I would like to say thank you for dropping by! Welcome to the start of something new, blog edition. This has been a long time coming, and similar to the image above, (taken at the Philadelphia Magic Gardens in Philadelphia, PA) slowly but surely… Which may or may not have to become my life motto.

Blogging has always been very intriguing to me, and so to me it’s no surprise that I would give it a whirl. If anyone knows me personally, you would know that I did have a previous blog on tumblr which was dedicated to my Rotary youth exchange year in Ecuador during 2014-2015. There I shared my experiences, thoughts, and travels during my year as a foreign exchange student. My intension to make that blog was to easily be able to keep my loved ones from the USA updated with my new exchange life. Every now and then I look back on it and it brings me back to so many great memories/feelings. As much as I loved writing there, it really makes no sense for me to continue with it after almost two years.

Growing up I always loved writing, but it was mainly when it was just for me, voicing my opinion, or helping someone else. Writing has always been a creative outlet for me, and for a while I was putting it on the back burner as I tried to focus on other things. So after many encouraging words from friends and family, here I am, creating this blog to be whole-heartedly, me.

I would say that the biggest struggle with creating and constructing this blog was not trying to figure out how to design it. That was quite interesting and fun after A LOT of trial and error. (I thought I was pretty tech savvy but this site was actually very challenging for me to understand.) My biggest struggle was trying to come up with a guide line of where my content would fall. I have many interests, so how could I just choose one? It’s very hard to just limit myself to focus on one topic. My other blog was fairly easy because it was strictly about my exchange year. But there is much more to my life, and life in general. My conclusion is to have my blog be mainly  centered around “lifestyle.”

With that being said, this is what you will find here: my life. My experiences, stories, opinions, travels, interests, advice, and much much more. Comments, suggestions, and questions are always welcome. All I ask for is respect and an open mind.

NowAndThenWithJen means exactly what it says. Everything from back then, to right now, from the inside and out. I thought it would be very fitting for this new creation. Thank you for stopping by and here’s to what is still to come!

Tumblr foreign exchange blog

"Let us make our future now, and let us make our dreams tomorrow's reality." -Malala Yousafzai

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